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WTVORadio is dedicated to providing to Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ/Yeshua ha Massiach a limitless live-audio solution, devoid of secular advertisements, to reach out globally via the Internet with the saving message of the All-Mighty Living God Yahweh. It is available to anyone who is called by His Name to deliver the Father's Doctrine. Contact us for details.

The stations's original title, WA4Y RADIO, began as a evangelical contemporary Christian radio network started in 2011. With the initial programme/station manager, Binyamin Teitlebuam,who laid the groundwork for what became the network's relaxed talk and music format, in which a limited number of teaching programmes are intermingled with music, news and interviews.

Other stations now include Fortress Rock, which plays classic Christian rock music, Covenant Radio, a Messianic Christian radio station, and Manna Radio, which broadcasts Torah readings. and on to also operate Christian television channel CMV-TV, which is available on the web globally.

Larry Davenport: Owner/CEO


Tamera Davenport
accounts payable/receivable general office
Patricia Hagemann
demographics and marketing manager broadcast recruitment
Binyamin Teitelbaum
Web Application Design & Deveolpment
Developer of streaming applications and software
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