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Watchmen's Warning

Join Miss Patricia For Watchmen's Warning Friday 9pm (est)

Hope In The Night

Encourgaing The saints Through Music And Scripture Tuesday 9pm (est)

Lets Talk Torah

Rick Chesher Expounds Upon The Living Word Of Yahweh Sunday 12pm (cst)

Last Call

Was founded for the preservation of the Christian message Saturdays 10am (est)


a nationally syndicated news/talk show based out of Austin, TX.

Classic Sunday On Fortress Rock

Classic Sunday, All the best Christian Rock 60's thru the 90's

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Youth Nation believes in the vision that quality, culturally and developmentally competent programs for youth can develop, grow, and flourish in our urban communities with minimal and efficient investment of limited resources and liberal investment of value created from participation in social networks.

This can be done by tapping into youths' talents and interests, encouraging youth input, channeling the resulting passion, showing youth and adults how to harness the spiritual capital found only in messiah, promoting partnerships in the community, building mentoring relationships with Jesus / Yeshua.

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