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We at Cornerstone have a vision we believe came from Yahweh. Our vision is to be a bridge ministry leading to becoming fully mature in Yahshua. This is done by teaching that which was given to us from the begining.

Maturity comes in the former of relationships that starts with our relationship with Yahshua, and extends and changes all of our relationships. These are called Covenant relationships. That starts with worship and teaching which prompted Covenant Radio to have both teaching and praise and worship.

When we talk about covenant we are talking about a subject that seems to be lost in today's soceity, especially in America. We are a soceity that views much of what we have as temporary, which unfortuniately includes our relationships.

How we veiw things, most often is the way our own relationships will go. This is not the case from the beginning, Yahweh never viewed relationships as temporary or disposable. In fact Yahweh ties our relationships with our relation with Him.

In Matt. 25:21-46, Yahweh say's that how we treat or minister to one another is the same way we are ministering to Him. This passage goes on to identify who we really are and our eternal destination based on our relation with Him as shown through our brothers.

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