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Fortress Rock, hosted by Tony Hendricks is playing a mix of classic Christian rock and metal from the past forty years along with commentary and insights from Tony.

I was born again many years ago, too many to count. I have been a pastor, a college teacher, a street minister, a church janitor, and anything else God needed me to be. I grew up a heathen, when I got saved, God showed me some musical groups who played the type of music I liked with a message about JESUS. I have been listening to it ever since. Hope you enjoy it too.

Christian Rock music was not viewed favorably by most traditional and fundamentalist Christians when it became popular with young people from the 1950s, although early rock music was often influenced by country and gospel music. Religious people in many regions of the United States did not want their children exposed to music with unruly, impassioned vocals, loud guitar riffs and jarring, hypnotic rhythms. Rock and roll differed from the norm, and thus it was seen as a threat.

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Tony Hendricks
Tony is playing a mix of classic Christian rock and metal from the past forty years.
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