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Our vision is to have a broadcast of worship and training. Bringing both, the new convert and those already growing, into service in the Kingdom. We strongly believe in the commitment to the local assembly, which affects the local community.Our goal is to build upon the foundation of the Law and the Prophets, a strong ministry from strong families. Teaching discipline, obedience, accountability, and promoting the gifts of the Ruach Ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit) recognized in others.

In the process, we will endeavor to expose the division in the Brotherhood gendered from ignorance of His Word, which fosters racial and denominational walls that keep us from the Unity of The Faith.We believe our reason for existing is for the express objective of establishing and maintaining a local assembly for the purpose of Teaching the TORAH of His Truth.

Bringing His people back to the Calendar of His Appointed Times, beginning with the weekly Sabbath and the Festivals of YHVH. Thereby, creating an awareness of the plight of todays pagan infested church system and the coming disasters that will cause her to accept the Anti-Messiah.


Living Manna
David Mathews
He currently teaches cutting edge messages of Torah via weekly Shabbat meeting!
Weekly Broadcast
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